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Providing Smart, Sustainable Solutions for Greening Your Environment and Your Life

At Thumbprint Endeavors LLC, we are committed to partnering with our clients to promote healthy, sustainable Green practices in their workplace and in their life.

Since our start in 1993, we have worked with schools, university campuses, and other businesses and organizations such as parks and museums on various projects to Green their operations and facilities.

Thumbprint Endeavors offers services targeting conservation of water, energy and solid waste reduction, recycling, and increased reuse of viable materials.  We believe the real key is the 4th R – Rethinking. At Thumbprint Endeavors, we help organizations and people to rethink everyday behaviors and decisions and to adopt Greener, more efficient and cost effective strategies.

Our approach is comprehensive and holistic — our team provides a cohesive, coordinated step-by-step TE Green Plan. Our broad perspective of sustainability enables us to effectively enter a project at any phase in the building cycle: Preplanning; Planning/ Design/ Development; Construction; Existing Building Renovation; or to work with clients/staff to Green their existing operations for efficient, triple bottom line savings. We create a seamless synergistic plan which is both Green and responsive for facilities where people work, learn, play and live.

Facilitate: We employ a highly collaborative approach when designing a Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan for a facility by involving teachers, caregivers and staff allowing them to voice their needs and concerns. TE associates gather focus group data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing constraints and opportunities for Green solutions. We then translate that information into usable data to inform designers, builders or facility owners and occupants. 

Evaluate: The Thumbprint Endeavors team offers on-site reviews of existing practices then tailor your TE Green Plan to your facility and your needs.  We believe in a collaborative approach to develop a TE Green Plan that will improve workplace productivity and Green your bottom line.

Educate: At Thumbprint Endeavors, we are committed to educating, to facilitating and to partnering with our Clients to promote healthy and sustainable Green practices in the schools, workplace, and in our everyday living. Thumbprint Endeavors LLC partners to educate our clients as we co-develop and implement their TE Green Plan.

Using this coordinated, integrated approach, everyone benefits, and so does the environment. The final phase of your Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan outlines specific actions to conserve energy and resources as well as allowing stakeholders to buy-in to the operational and behavioral changes that need to be implemented.