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Providing Smart, Sustainable Solutions for Education and the Environment

Thumbprint Endeavors (TE) offers a wide array of services related to enhancing educational facilities, Green Building and more. We are uniquely qualified to provide clients with ideas for improving teaching and learning as well as building performance. Whether the concern is water and energy conservation and recycling or upgrading science classroom space, or both, Thumbprint Endeavors can create a workable Plan and help with implementation.

Thumbprint Endeavors was created in 1993 when Dr. Ramey started consulting with school districts to improve science teaching and learning. Her method is to begin with a thorough assessment of the classroom learning environment. She then develops a plan, with input from the stakeholders that may include teacher enhancement workshops focusing more relevant teaching strategies such as student-oriented projects and hands-on learning activities. The plan may also include reworking the physical classroom environment to better accommodate enhanced science teaching delivery. One additional benefit of engaging TE on site is the knowledge we bring that can help to make buildings more Green. Since 1993, we’ve worked with a variety of schools, university campuses, churches and other organizations such as parks, science centers and museums.

TE Plan Development:

Facilitate: At TE we employ a highly collaborative approach when designing a Thumbprint Endeavors Plan with onsite data collection including extensive stakeholder involvement. To determine relevant needs and concerns and gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing circumstances, we observe, ask key questions and gather focus group and survey data.

Evaluate: Your Thumbprint Endeavors Plan targets your goals -- be that a shift in employee behaviors or workplace culture, improved productivity or enhanced teaching and learning. Evaluation and analysis of the collected data, using a holistic approach provides insights as to overcoming potential constraints while working toward optimal, effective solutions.

Implement: The final phase of your Thumbprint Endeavors Plan outlines specific Recommended Next Steps to provide additional guidance for stakeholders to garner buy-in to the operational and behavioral changes that need to be implemented. Using this coordinated, big-picture approach, everyone benefits, including communities and the environment. We also educate our clients as we co-develop and implement their Thumbprint Endeavors Plan and fully involve them every step of the way.

Educate: At Thumbprint Endeavors, we partner to Educate with our Clients to incorporate sustainable practices that promote greater productivity, health and overall wellbeing in educational settings, workplaces, and in our everyday living. We are dedicated to building long-term, ongoing relationships with our Clients as they build a network of Partners in Sustainability.